10 Creative Outdoor Advertisements

Today I would like to share 10 creative outdoor advertising pieces that not only have good concepts but are creative in the way they are executed. While a lot of budgets can’t always handle grand ideas, it’s good to think big and then scale back to what your budget will allow. There are a lot of great outdoor advertisements out there, but these are my top ten favorite from adsoftheworld.com. Which do you think is the most creative?


  1. Abby

    I really like the Toro ad. Very green and looks great too. I wonder what the maintenance is on something like that, hmmmm-. My least favorite is the Red Bull ad, how would you know that it was for Red Bull?

  2. Jakob

    I’m pretty sure the Toro ad is done courtesy of Photoshop. You can see the same brick pattern a little up and to the right of the green vines. Interesting concept anyway.

    The Japan Association wins my vote; very clever!

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