3 Signs Your Agency May Lack Passion.

1. Voicemail picks up at 5:01 pm.
Some may claim that they are just good at time management, but I just don’t think this career of creating original ideas that deliver significant results can be forced to fit in a 9 to 5 setting. The truth is that the timing of inspiration is unpredictable. When you are passionate about doing the really great work, you work as long as it takes to achieve it. And often that requires staying late. And consuming unhealthy amounts of caffeine and cold pizza. A sacrifice the people who truly love this job are happy to make.

2. Your advertising feels familiar.
That safe feeling you get every time your agency presents an idea is not a good thing. The fact that your own campaign doesn’t ignite serious emotions in you, the person closest to the product, is a sure sign that it will have even less of an impact on the target you’re trying to attract. Safe, expected advertising is usually caused by two things: 1) the agency creating it doesn’t have the talent to do better, 2) the agency creating it has made ensuring client approval its primary goal. Either way, both will have little effect on reaching your business goals.

3. The energy is turned off.
Great ideas aren’t sitting in our heads ready to be selected. Amazing concepts materialize when the mind and environmental cues work together forming original combinations. From these unique launching pads, the unexpected, memorable campaigns are born. I say all this to make the point of how important environment is for an ad agency. To bring its clients the ideas that capture attention and create significant results, an agency needs energy, action and emotion flowing through it constantly. What does it feel like when you walk into your ad agency? If it’s not engaging, chances are, neither are the ideas being created for you.


  1. Anonymous

    i totally agree. how can great ideas come out of a place that doesn’t nurture creativity. great article!

  2. Anonymous

    Passion is a rare product. Today people are rewarded for screwing the client out of the most profit margin.

    That’s what a lot of people are focused on. It’s good to see that some are still concerned about doing the best for client.

  3. Anonymous

    I’ve wondered (occasionally) how agencies come up with novel, brilliant ad ideas (I’m sure Geico is a common case study). Sounds like the answer is brainstorming sessions at 2:00 AM with everybody loopy from too much caffeine and sugar and too little sleep. Kind of like the good old college days…

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