A Sweet Brand

A  good celebrity endorsement always makes me giggle – does Shaq really drive a Buick or does Kim Kardashian really wear those ugly Sketchers? So when a celebrity comes out with their own product I’m intrigued. And I have to say the new Sugarpova candy line from Maria Sharapova has me excited. The line is fun, flirty and very sweet (pardon the pun). I think the campaign is full of so much joy – the type of joy you want candy to bring. What the brand tells me about Sharapova is that she clearly has a sweet tooth but also that she likes to have fun and enjoy herself. I love the variety and how they all tie back to the qualities that she defines. A sour candy is my favorite sweet treat so I ordered the Spooky Sour to try out. Why did I pick that one? The tagline of course – Watch out, I bite – too cute not to try! Have a sweet Friday!

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