Admerica in Austin

I had the opportunity to head to Austin earlier this week for the AAF National Convention – Admerica. It was my first trip to Austin, and to a national AAF convention, and you can believe that it didn’t disappoint! The city of Austin was so much fun and reminded me a lot of Little Rock, just a little bigger! We were able to eat at some amazing restaurants, have some very tasty cocktails and did a lot of sightseeing. Overall it is for sure a city that I am excited about heading back to! One thing that I loved about the city was that design was everywhere! The sides of buildings had amazing murals, sidewalks had random posters on them and the establishments really went an extra step in making their signage very cool. One place that really stood out to me was Frank. It is a very cool hot dog focused restaurant in the heart of Austin. The food was great, but what I loved was the atmosphere. They took the extra time to make their menu cool, have graphic posters throughout the restaurant and the mural on the side of their building is a rotating spot for one of their favorite Austin artists to express something creative and cool about Austin. It changes each month and we were lucky enough to see the very cool “Wish You Where Here One” below (totally perfect for our trip!).

The convention had some wonderful speakers and I was lucky enough to sit in on the sessions of the Golden Age of Music, Golden Age of Social Media, Golden Age of Creative and Golden Age of Digital. The overall message I took away from the convention was how each of these elements are intertwined in our society and marketing practices. You can’t make social media work for you if you aren’t up to speed on digital or don’t have the right creative message. One of the speakers said that consumers today are digitally drunk. And I have to agree with him. It is so easy to be overwhelmed by every new piece of technology or platform. But it is our job as marketers to make sure our clients and target audiences are just having that one margarita instead of the whole pitcher. I feel challenged to do more research and to find the best ways to turn the perfect consumer into a brand advocate for my clients.

In the coming weeks I will be sharing more insight from Austin. Stay tuned and have a great weekend!

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