Advertising Results, Literally.

Yes, marketing success is not possible without a great product. The ad legend David Ogilvy said the magic behind advertising is found in the product. Our client Delta Trust & Bank has a great product. Through its respected and accomplished leadership team, the bank is able to provide its customers a higher level of financial expertise in a full range of service areas (Trust, Investments, Mortgage, Insurance, Consumer & Business Banking). The ability to truly serve All the major financial needs of its clients delivers a very valuable and unique benefit- one that we have labeled true balance from a bank.

For the past 4 years, we have had the privilege to partner with Delta Trust and help the bank establish and embrace its brand positioning. Everything we have done in our marketing efforts has been focused around the bank’s dominant selling idea: we provide comprehensive financial guidance that clients can fully trust.

Together, Delta Trust and EXIT continue to follow the basic formula for building brand strength: find what you do better than the competition, make sure it’s valuable to your target audience and then own it by communicating it consistently and with confidence.

So is a more focused, better positioned brand bringing Delta Trust greater results? The answer is a definite Yes. Below is a recent ad we ran to communicate the bank’s current financial strength in a very unstable economic environment.

If you have a great product, you should be getting significant ROI from your marketing efforts. If your product delivers a differentiating benefit to consumers there is no excuse for average results.

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