Awards Matter To Clients

If you’re a client out there that works with an advertising agency that brags about not being interested in winning awards, before you give that company a medal of nobility you should first take a hard look at the true motivation for making the statement. From my experience, many of the agencies that promote this philosophy do it because delivering quality work that stands out and captures attention is not their strength. So, to hide a weakness, they devalue the importance of being creative.

Today, more than ever before, to avoid drowning in the deep sea of message clutter, a strategically sound marketing plan requires delivery in a package of originality and entertainment value. So, if your focus is to get great results from your marketing efforts, you really want a partner that is passionate about doing great work. The agencies that push to do industry leading campaigns are made up of highly competitive, incredibly driven, loyal professionals. These are the qualities your marketing partner must have to take your ROI to new levels.

If you’re stuck in a rut of several years of average results, it may be time to look for a team with a greater passion for the value of creativity. A good place to look is the next awards show in your city.

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