Be Positive

I’m a strong believer in surrounding energy and that positive or negative energy, whether created by you or someone else, can effect your mood, outlook, or even your life. Your work environment is a place where a positive atmosphere should truly be strived to achieve. It will make coming to work, interacting with co-workers, and the work you create much more enjoyable. It is not always easy to create a positive atmosphere, or be positive in general though, so here are some tips:

1. Let people know what you expect of them.
2. Show interest in your co-workers.
3. Encourage those around you.
4. Recognize and compliment good work.
5. Add a little fun to the work day.
6. Try to see what good could come of a seemingly negative situation.
7. If you feel overloaded or about to freak out, just take a minute, breath, accept was is and either change what you can or deal with things accordingly.
8. Only concern yourself with what is happening now, don’t worry about what was said or what happened yesterday, or what could happen next week.


  1. Alex Kent

    So so true. Now if we could all implement these ideas in our daily lives everyone would be better off.

    Have a great day!

  2. PrairiePranksta

    Oh well said Bhoddisattva and transmitter of Dharmakaya. Now I won’t go to the bookstore and buy one of the thousand books on “The Benefits of Being Positive.” I have a new calling! I’ll buy a suit like the one Eastwood wore in “High Plains Drifter,” steal a wooden box behind Kroger’s, and buy a big black briefcase. I will scribble down these eight noble truths, copy, cut and laminate them at kinko’s and pass them out on Market street on the weekends. I will shout these truths until I’m writhing on the ground speaking them in tongue.(Eww, Then i’ll get arrested, along with the college kids writhing on the ground because they are stone drunk…) Nevermind, I’m going to the bookstore!

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