Diesel, a fairly high end clothing line with a youthful feel, has started an interesting campaign that is quite bold. BE STUPID. Seems like an odd way to get people to buy your clothing. The advertisements definitely stand out, with the bold colors, type treatment and photos. Stupid usually has a bad connotation, but it seems that Diesel is trying to redefine the word. In their advertisements stupid is synonymous with creative, edgy, fun and wild. This fits with their existing brand image which is rebellious and free-spirited. Check out the advertisements below and see what you think. Will this campaign hold true and be embraced by the target? They’ve even created a microsite for the BE STUPID campaign. Visit it at


  1. Fil

    That is actually…brilliant. To me it just means “relax, have fun, and enjoy life”

  2. Tanner

    well it is intriguing, to be or not to be but at least I will look good.

  3. Mary

    At first this totally turned me off, but a couple of the adds are really brilliant. And true in a sense.

  4. Mary

    i meant ads*

  5. Vita Barre'

    As a mom, i find their ads offensive – i teach my son not to say “stupid”
    i am offended by the model lifting her shirt.
    but then again – i am not the target for their clothing line either!

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