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I’ve been a big fan of Dove for a long time. I’m a lifelong user of their soap and body wash and a frequent purchaser of their other products. And though it’s been out for awhile, I still love the Campaign for Real Beauty. Since the launch of that campaign, I think that Dove (along with Ogilvy because we have to give props to their agency) has done a great job of showcasing what it’s like to be a woman and how Dove products can make our lives a little more simple and a little more beautiful. And clearly I’m not the only one, Dove is the world’s number one cleansing brand and over 1 billion showers are taken in the US with Dove products each year. Part of Campaign for Real Beauty and the recipient of a portion of Dove purchases is the Dove Self-Esteem Fund, which creates self-esteem programs for the Girl Scouts, The Boys & Girls Club and Girls Inc. The Dove Self-Esteem Fund was developed to help free young girls from self-limiting beauty stereotypes. Educate and inspire girls and young women with a wider definition of beauty. The fund establishes workshops to teach young girls what beauty really is and how to form a healthy self image. As of today, March 19, they have touched 6,049,973 girls with their program. They have committed to reaching 5 million more girls by the end of 2010. It’s Dove’s mission to redefine beauty; a mission not just for young girls, but also a message for women of all ages. It’s great to see a company with a social conscience be so successful.

Just for fun I wanted to share with you two of my favorite Dove spots!

Dove Men + Care

Dove Hair Care for Women


  1. Heide

    So…are you saying that it doesn’t matter if you look like you have been beaten by an ugly stick as long as you smell good??? 🙂

  2. Katie

    smelling good helps for sure!

  3. Heide

    I need to change my name from Heide to “Cynical Cindy” – LOL. I agree that Dove did an excellent job in promoting it’s health care line by envoking self-esteem and self-worth into those who might be lacking in that department. Most importantly, I think it’s pretty cool that it floats.

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