Brand Positioning and Magic

True branding is not about creating a catchy look and position for a company, but uncovering and crystallizing what is already there. At EXIT – it’s our way of helping clients see themselves how we see them. Once a client begins to see themselves in the new light of their positioning – magic happens. We have recently helped one of our clients, The Cone Group (formerly James Cone Construction), uncover a clarified brand identity – Intelligent Construction. Some magic happened on their Facebook wall recently:

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 8.55.07 AM 

We didn’t tell them to write that post. We didn’t suggest they start the hashtag #intelligentconstruction. We didn’t give them the idea to sequester their phones for more productive meetings. All of this is their idea – because they are intelligent construction. We didn’t create that for them, only pointed it out. Seeing themselves as intelligent construction has helped them see how valuable some of the things they do intrinsically are. It’s likely that they have always sequestered their phones for meetings, but only recently have they seen that as important enough to share publicly.

Uncovering a solid brand position that is authentic to who you are is our specialty. When you see the details of your business in a more meaningful way, and live that out, magic happens. If you are interested in getting to the heart of your business in a meaningful way – call us for a free consultation!

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