Creative Fears

A few weeks ago, I attended a luncheon and one of the main topics was how, as a creative, we interpret feedback about our concepts and designs from the creative director or even clients. Since then we have brought that up again in meetings and joked about it around the office. I can’t help but laugh because it rings true for myself and has almost made me nervous of what feedback I will receive next and how I would interpret it. The other day I came across this article on Design Taxi called “Phobias of Creatives” that includes a great infographic that I felt hit the nail on the head when it comes to creative fears, wither it is feedback or general creative lifestyle. I know that I can connect with many of these phobias, starting with the environment and the fear of a “sterile cube farm” and ending with the outside world of “buying something with bad packaging.” Fortunately here at EXIT we have an amazing open fun creative space and unfortunately for some brands I don’t buy their products because of their terrible packaging. Check it out and see if any of these things identify with you as well or if maybe you are someone that says some of these.

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