Digital Forecast

I have been thinking a lot about consumer behavior tying together different marketing and advertising platforms. I went to breakout sessions during the Admerica convention on digital, social media, music and creative. In each session the speakers were were talking about how all four topics related back to each other. It quickly drew a line to consumer behaviors and patterns in my head. And the common factor through all of these, more likely than not, is digital. How does a consumer view your website? Are they using our app? Where are they listening to or watching our ad? How are they experiencing our brand? Each of these questions becomes more important as more and more people are on the move, which means that our digital experiences are becoming more common on our phone or tablets versus our computers.

As a marketer, it makes me want to understand our analytics better and be able to tinker with platforms to make sure our brand message is consistent and true throughout all mediums. I am also working with our team about all being trend spotters in different digital areas. One person can’t keep up with everything happening, but if we each have an area to stay on top of, our clients and our agency will ultimately benefit.

What do you think about the digital forecast? Is this the year of mobile? Is your company prepared? Tweet us about it – #DigitalForecast

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