Doing Good

My mom is an avid volunteer. After I was born she decided to quit her job to focus, full time, on raising me and giving back to our community. As I grew, so did my volunteering opportunities. Our family volunteered throughout the year at local soup kitchens, family shelters and numerous non-profits across Central Arkansas. I enjoyed each of these unique experiences. It was fun and meaningful to be so young and still be able to do something to help another person.

Today, the giving spirit my mom instilled in me still shines bright. I am fortunate to work at a place that shares my passion for helping others. Along with being a company committed to ending bad advertising and helping clients capture greater results, EXIT is also dedicated to using its talents to help more people “get out” of unfortunate situations. We are doing this through partnering with nonprofits that need assistance raising more money and reaching more people. These organizations include American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Camp Quality and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. We just recently presented a logo design and campaign elements to our newest non-profit client, Women’s Foundation of Arkansas. The enthusiasm and excitement about the potential of our ideas was inspiring. These are people that want to make a difference. At EXIT, we love helping all our clients succeed. But for me, our non-profit clients have a special place in my heart. They give us the chance to use our creativity to help causes that are much greater than us. That makes me proud. And, I’m certain, my mom too.

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