Dollar Shave Club

A few weeks ago I was on YouTube and ran across a very funny commercial for Dollar Shave Club. I laughed for a bit and then wondered if it was a real company. A quick google search later and I found out that not only is it a real company, but it is becoming a huge company over night. Michael Dubin, CEO of Dollar Shave Club launched the one 1:30 spot on YouTube and within 10 days had over a million views (the video launched March 5 and today they have over 4 million views and almost 24,000 Facebook fans) and had backup orders on the site for the next four months.

The really amazing thing to me is how original and simple this business idea and the marketing is. Razors are expensive. They aren’t something men really want to spend $40 a month on. I know when boyfriend asks me to get him some at the store it is for sure the last thing I want to spend money on. So instead you can spend $1-$9 a month and they are delivered to you. Genius. I also love how the marketing consisted of one YouTube video and a website. Both of these pieces did two key things 1) Showcased the DSI and 2) Were creative.

I encourage you to check out the website. Cool concept and a very good design. I have signed up boyfriend for the waiting list and am quite excited to get the first ones!

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