Don't Even Talk To Me Until You Read This Post

This weekend, like many probably, my husband and I watched some vancouverage of the Olympics. During a commercial break between the men’s luge and the women’s moguls I saw one of my least favorite commercials and knew my blog day couldn’t go by without this rant. The offending commercial is for McDonald’s coffee and features a 30-something guy who warns every one he meets between his home and Mickey D’s not to talk to him until he’s had his coffee. He gets to Mickey D’s, walks right up to the counter, gets his coffee and suddenly the world is good again.

I have two all-beef patties (hold the special sauce) with this. 1) Has anyone actually ever had a calm, relaxing, no-wait experience at a McDonald’s in the morning? For me, the rare morning Mickey D’s run always results in chaos: finding a parking space, choosing which line will be fastest, and carefully enunciating my “no meat” request to be heard over the all the clamor. And 2) (although this one has nothing to do with McDonald’s) No one should be dependent on any beverage to the point of rudeness to his fellow man.

Overall, I just don’t believe that this advertising reflects the real McDonald’s experience, which tends to be cheap, greasy, sometimes quite tasty–don’t get me wrong–but rarely a place where lives are changed. As an advertiser, I understand that we’re in the “make it pretty” smokescreen industry; however, this one was just a bit too glossed over for me. And I’m truly curious, does anyone have a peaceful McDonald’s morning story to share?

For more Olympic marketing fun, check out this article from AdAge: Which of these Olympians will win over marketers?

(Note: header image shows coffee you could have made at home.)


  1. Fil

    Here in Japan, McDonalds is likely more chaotic than it is in the US. In my 3 years here so far I’ve noticed that at any time of the day McDonalds can be packed to the brim. Cars backed up in the street b/c there are no parking spaces, and swarms of students and their bicycles. They even have people outside directing traffic sometimes đŸ˜‰

    1. Grace

      that’s insane! and a reminder to me to steer clear of mickey d’s when i hopefully visit japan someday.

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