Express Your Love for the Frappuccino

So it comes as no surprise to our loyal blog readers that I am a Starbucks brand advocate. To those of you who are new, please know that I heart Starbucks and think they can do no wrong. Intros aside, let’s chat about their latest (great, as always) marketing endeavor. They’ve launched a new campaign centered on their beloved frappuccino–a word likely few knew before their first foray into the land of designer coffee. Personally, a frappuccino isn’t my go-to drink on their menu; it is expensive, fattening, and doesn’t give me the caffeine pick-me-up I crave from a Starbucks run. And after seeing and reading about the new campaign, I think I wasn’t the only one who shied away from the drink. BBDO, New York has created the energetic and playful campaign “Express Your Love!” to relaunch the beverage. On Starbucks’ end, the frappuccino recipe has been altered to contain fewer calories and be completely customizable to please a more health conscious clientele. This week, they launched a new print and TV campaign and website for the product. These outlets are interactive, engaging and really give the frappuccino an identity of its own. According to an article on, this is one of the biggest campaigns ever from Starbucks. The article went on to say that during an earning call last month, Starbucks CFO Tory Alstead said “[Frappuccino is a] multimillion dollar brand for us and we will spend appropriately and heavily against that very long standing and profitable brand.” The placement for the campaign is impressive – Rolling Stone, Cosmo, US Weekly and a 3-week promo during Gossip Girl. And the website is just fun to use. See so for yourself. Happy Hour starts today, so I think we will be making an EXIT trip down the street to express our love for the frappuccino.

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