Favorite Super Bowl Commercials 2017

Honestly, football is not my thing. I did not even know who was playing in the Super Bowl until the big day. But I do love Super Bowl commercials. It’s fun to see what big-league advertisers can do with millions of dollars. Airtime for one :30 or :60 spot this year is reported to have cost around $5 million. The production quality of some of this year’s commercials was more like a short film – just beautiful.

Stacey’s favorites from this past Sunday and one that missed the mark:

The Mr. Clean commercial completely resonated with me as a wife. I laughed so hard – and nudged my husband to remind him that a man cleaning the house is completely sexy.

Audi’s #DriveProgress ad spoke to me as a mom of four girls. I tell my daughters that they can be and do whatever they set their sights on and work towards. #girlpower

Finally, 84 Lumber’s 90-second spot was cinematically gorgeous and emotionally powerful.  The ad followed a mother and daughter from Mexico traveling by foot to the US. The ending was only available online; apparently, it was too controversial for Fox. However, as much I as enjoyed the journey visually, it did not tell me anything about the company and left more questions than answers. I’m not sure they hit the mark with this advertising spend.


Shawn shared his top three commercials to the list:

Bud Light’s Ghost Spuds McKenzie had a goofy concept with a well written script. Entertained me.

Buick’s Cam Newton spot was a playful and fun idea that worked hard to make us laugh. Love the kid not wanting Cam to throw him the ball.

I liked the simplicity of the Honda’s Yearbook Ad. It was engaging throughout and memorable when over.

NOTE: A popular spot that I was not a big fan of was the Humpty Dumpty dude for Turbo Tax. I can’t stand the sight of yolk blood.


What were your favorite Super Bowl ads this year? What ones completely wasted their money? We’d love to hear from you.

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