Holidays In The Social Media World

With Mother’s Day this weekend – go buy your presents now if you haven’t guys! – I have been inundated with messages in my social media life about what to get for my mom. From Facebook trying to sell me flowers to Pinterest telling me how to make her a necklace, it is everywhere. This got me thinking about how social media has changed how consumers shop for holidays. Adweek did an interview with two marketers who are using social media in different ways to promote Mother’s Day this year. The integration that Zales is doing with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest is very strategic. They are having consumers sign up to win a gift card for their mom and then are driving them to Pinterest to browse Zales gifts they can buy for their mom from the site. I’m interested to see if they will release the numbers on how this campaign did after this weekend. 

Integrating multiple social media platforms into your overall campaign strategy can be extremely beneficial to a brand. Being able to use social media to pinpoint your customer and their needs and wants is something that all marketers strive for. In honor of my wonderful mother this year, she will be getting some lovely items that I have seen through Facebook, Pinterest and email marketing I have received in the last few weeks. 

Would love to hear your thoughts on how social media has changed your shopping habits for holidays. Tweet us at @EXITMarketing with the #holidayshopping 

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