I have to go there.

Post Olympics, there are some campaigns I’m sad to still see on tv like the McDonald’s youth athletic team commercial. But others I’m happy are still in circulation, like the Tourism British Columbia spot. This beautiful campaign features the message of “You Gotta Be Here” and showcases breathtaking scenes of BC as well as the province’s native celebrities including Ryan Reynolds, Kim Cattrall, Steve Nash, Michael J. Fox and Eric McCormack. At the end, the logo for Tourism British Columbia appears on screen with the tag line of “Super, Natural” which seems spot-on for what we just saw. It made Husband and me quickly add BC to the list of Places To Go.

The marketer in me went online to see how the campaign extended on the web. Happily, I found a nice website with direct links to this campaign and getting more information about living, working and visiting British Columbia. My favorite part of the site is a 90-second version of “You Gotta Be Here” commercial with a detailed breakdown of where each spot was filmed. How great for a campaign to make locations known to the people!

However in my Google search, I found a site that raised a few questions about this campaign. Mike Kozakowski of Vibrant Victoria questions if the concept is copying what was done for California’s “Find Yourself Here” campaign. It’s an interesting question; one I didn’t consider until I read this, meaning that to me, they are different enough. But I now see some similarities. In the article, Kozakowski shares that one Vibrant Victoria forum member felt “that B.C.’s local talent could have created something captivating and unique without having to “re-hash” an American advertisement.” However, another liked it, stating that it “sets a better mood” and “is not trying to be clever and miss the mark like the California one.” Any thoughts from the crowd?

(Header image is a screenshot from hellobc.com)

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