I tweet, you tweet, we all tweet for ice cream.

With all the buzz about social media, many businesses wonder how to make it work for them: what to say, how to promote it, how to get fans, how to measure what your fans are doing. Last week, ice-cream chain Tasti D-Lite took a first step for the social media world by introducing a rewards program for customers’ tweets. The program called TastiRewards is linked to Tasti D-Lite’s TreatCards (their gift and loyalty cards). Customers earn points buying delights at the store and can earn additional points when they link their TreatCards to their Twitter accounts. That linking will allow the customer’s status to automatically update when ice cream is purchased. Read more about the program and see a sample status update here.

Aside of being a nice reward for loyal customers, the program is a brilliant advertising tactic. In effect, it’s almost free advertising. The only cost is the free ice cream with every 50 points, which is nothing compared to the impressions they’ll get when every follower of each of their participating customers sees a status update about Tasti D-Lite and thinks to him/herself, “Mmm, ice cream sounds good.”

(Header image from tastidlite.com)

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