If I read this to you 1000 times, will you like me more?

No. You will want to kick my @!*. Maybe worse. A major problem with a lot of marketing plans is that the core strategy is driven by the untruth that a large level of media exposure, in itself, will create engagement. And the scary thing is this strategy is still a fairly easy sell to most clients. The pitch: average creative is served with a big smile and cool presentation tactics, then smothered with a lot of impressive marketing research and media rationale. In defense of the client, it all seems sound and smart. But the fact remains, all the effort and talent put into understanding the target and finding the best ways to reach them is wasted if the final obstacle is not addressed…getting the target’s attention.

I like to think of all the media strategy and placement as the client’s invitation to the big customer party. The invitation is required. You don’t get in to see this exclusive group without it. However, getting in doesn’t guarantee any results. You can easily become the guy that talks to the bartender all night or that person that picks at the buffet and pretends to be waiting for someone in the crowd. For me, your advertising tactics reflect your event attire and personality. If you look like everyone else and say all the same things, you’re gonna get less attention and be more easily forgotten. And don’t forget, your competition can buy an invitation to this shindig too. So just fitting in isn’t good enough. Especially when you consider all that you invested to merely get through the doors. My advice to clients: before you sign off on next year’s marketing plan take a little more time to look in the mirror. Do you really like how your agency dressed you?

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  1. Anonymous

    Interesting analogy, the invitation to the party idea. Being inundated with ads for a particular product certainly does make me remember it, but I wonder what statistics show about how well market exposure actually correlates with consumers’ ultimate product choices.

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