In Honor Of Earth Day

Yesterday morning while watching the news and getting ready for work (you know, always a multi-tasker), I saw the new Sun Chips commercial about their compostable bags. It was Earth Day, so I was already in the mindset of loving our planet a little more and this commercial really struck a cord. I iPhoned their website to see more, loving that they’ve added a special tab specifically for the bags. According to Sun Chips, the new 10.5 oz bags are entirely compostable and “designed to fully break down in just 14 weeks when placed in a hot, active compost bin or pile.” From a company that’s always been about healthy snacks, it’s an easy bridge I’m glad they traveled to make their snack’s packaging healthier for the planet.

I also love the additional information the site provides to consumers. For example, they suggest taking the small leap from buying their compostable bagged chips to building a compost pile in your backyard. How brilliant! Not only can consumers compost these bags, but numerous other waste products from their home as well. It’s an excellent tactic to get the Sun Chips brand not only into a lunch box or pantry, but into the consumer’s entire lifestyle. The new campaign doesn’t stop with the TV spot and website, extending into print ads, web banners and a special Facebook Earth Day tab. For every new fan Sun Chips got on Earth Day, they donated $1 to environmental education.

At EXIT, we value branding. It’s something we do with all our clients. It’s really nice to see a company like Sun Chips extending their brand and doing something good for our planet at the same time.

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  1. Jason

    and most importantly the Harvest Cheddar and Garden Salsa are ummm, ummm, so, so good!

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