Infographic Mania

Recently while online I have been stumbling on tons of infographics (visual representations of complex information and/or data that is compelling, quick and clear). So what gives with the overload of infographics on the web? Well here’s what gives – infographics are growing in significant popularity and are being explicitly sought after and shared. According to a SEO blogger Jeff Bullas, infographics searches on Google have increased more than 800% in the past two years. That is a staggering number that is impossible to ignore. Bullas makes a case of the importance of using infographics as a strategy in brand and marketing development. They need to be very strategic to be effective – designed well and hold knowledge that is interesting enough to be tweeted, posted on facebook, pinned, shared on Google +, submitted on Digg, mentioned on Reddit and blogged about. The key to infographics is creating something that creates traffic back to its origin, your website. Here are some interesting infographic examples.

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