Keeping it Relevant

Many people think that print media is kicking the bucket and irrelevant. Some think digital and social media is the only way to go. However, print is evolving into a gateway medium to places like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other online resources. Ad agency Y&R Dubai has paired an english newspaper in Dubai with a global coffee chain. When customers purchase a cup of coffee the baristas then place a coffee cup sleeve in a special printer. The printer then prints headline tweets from Gulf News Twitter account, short URL and QR code. The tweets are always within the last hour and always changing. To read the full story of the headline customers can either scan the QR Code or type the URL on their phone. Another example of a newspaper using their print material to take you to a digital source is happening right here in Arkansas. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette will be launching a new app in July that will give readers access to videos by holding their iPad, iPhone or Android device. They are also suggesting this could be another avenue for Advertisers to take a viewer to videos on their products or services. Print is clearly alive and well.

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