Liberty of London

Target has changed my world. It’s my very favorite place to shop for everything from jewelry to cereal, and even garbage bags, as Grace pointed out in the past! Of the many cool things Target’s done in the last few years, the coolest, perhaps, is how they’ve invited famous designers to create a special collection to be sold exclusively at Target. Designers have included the popular Proenza Schouler (wearing one of their jackets now…), Paul & Joe, and Hollywould, just to name a few. These big names usually come with some great commercials and in-store promotions. The latest in the Target Legacy is Liberty of London, known for its prints and mini-florals. “I am thrilled by the way Target has interpreted the flower power of Liberty by mixing, in a very modern way, our heritage prints with the widest ever range of products from lingerie to design chairs to bicycles,” said Geoffroy de La Bourdonnaye, chief executive of Liberty, in a release. “The collection is a very youthful interpretation of the love and rebellion values that Liberty of London stands for.” The ad campaign for the Liberty of London for Target is like no other. It is vibrant, playful, and full of life. It just makes you excited for spring! Whenever I see it, I’m ready to jump into my Mini and head to Target, where I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. However, the collection doesn’t hit the stores until March 14th, so I’ll have to wait a bit.

That was the consumer me; now to my marketing self. I can tell that as a marketer, I’m responding to and loving Target’s ability to sell quality, well-designed products at reasonable price points, and still make the consumer feel special. It’s designer without the inflated designer price, which tosses out the window the misconception that just because Target shoppers love a bargain that they care less about design, creativity, and the simple joy of shopping. Target’s limited edition special collections uniquely embrace all of those elements. Go Target!

Now if Little Rock only had a Super Target, I’d never shop anywhere else!

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