Make Them Remember You, Not Your Ad

In 2007, an ACNielson phone survey found that the average person could name a mere 2.21 commercials that they had ever seen. That’s EVER seen. This was 6 years ago. Today, there’s more advertising messaging coming through a greater number of media channels; all competing for our brain space. Dealing with this onslaught of information requires consumers to do massive data dumping. To make it through today, tomorrow’s less important information is deleted. That means goodbye funny commercial with dancing pig – erased to make room for the new debit card pin number.


So how do the strong brands stand out and get remembered in this growing clutter of communications? One thing is they don’t depend on a specific advertising campaign to create recall. Their campaigns are simply reinforcers to their brand positioning. Consumers don’t have to rely on remembering a :30 commercial structure to know who the company is and what makes it different. They see the company logo or hear the name and automatically the dominate selling idea surfaces. Brand strength has built a short cut to a meaningful selling benefit. And what’s really important here is this benefit takes up very little brain space. Making it comfortable to tuck away in our minds, and when needed the selling point is easily found.


“We have a child now, we need a safer car. Let’s check out Volvos.”

“I want to be more serious about getting in shape, being active, I’m buying a pair of Nike’s.”

“I want an authentic, quality coffee house experience. Let’s go to Starbucks.”


Building brand strength requires focus, focus and more focus at every brand touch point. Embrace what makes you unique and deliver that benefit to consumers consistently. That’s what it takes to escape the clutter and obtain brain space. Advertising is just one of many tactics that allow companies to reflect their focus. It’s a very important tactic but it will not guarantee longterm recall on its own. Not matter how many dancing pigs you put in your TV spot.

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