Method With No Madness

I’m a fan of rituals. At work, one of my favorites is First Monday of the Month Sharing. Each of us brings in a piece of design that inspires us. These have ranged from wine bottles to hang tags. This month, I wanted to share my inspiration–method’s new laundry detergent campaign–with our EXIT blogosphere.

This product, like the rest of the method line, is designed in the minimalist fashion with an emphasis on less being more. It’s a simple white container, with a pop of blue at the bottom and a pattern of overlapping, bright circles in the middle. In short, the design hits my design goal of clearly reflecting the product’s purpose. The print ad in Real Simple magazine (shown in the header) quickly highlighted what I think is one of the product’s key features: that it is a pump, not a jug, along with a funny play on being a jug addict. Seeing this after a week of doing numerous loads of laundry was thrilling. You mean I could have a small, attractive pump bottle in my laundry closet instead of a giant jug that always drips down the side? I’m sold.

In usual fashion, I hopped online to see the rest of the campaign and, of course, it’s great. It makes me proud to have method hand soap by each sink in our home. The site clearly, but not obtrusively, highlights the three main benefits of the product: smarter, easier, and greener. And if I wasn’t already sold, the available $2 coupon would have clinched the deal. See you at Target.

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  1. Amanda

    Ooh… Now I’m sold.

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