Mind Your Media Party Manners

A common problem with ineffective marketing plans is the core strategy is driven by the untruth that a large level of exposure, in itself, will create results. In planning, more focus is put on the media strategy while the messaging is severely neglected. What we end up with is a lot of advertising that looks alike. The truth is that no matter how successful you are at reaching your target audience, the effort is totally wasted if the final obstacle is not addressed— getting the target’s attention.

I like to think of all the media strategy and placement as the client’s invitation to the big customer party. This invitation is required. You don’t get in to see this exclusive group without it. However, getting in doesn’t guarantee results. You can easily become the guy that talks to the bartender all night or that person that picks at the buffet and pretends to be waiting for someone in the crowd. For me, your advertising tactics reflect your event attire and personality. If you look like everyone else and say all the same things you’re gonna get less attention and be more easily forgotten. And don’t forget, your competition can buy an invitation to this shindig too. So just fitting in isn’t good enough. Especially when you consider how much you spent on the event tickets.

Remember Your Marketing Manners for Media Party Success:

Dress uniquely. What makes your company or product stand out from the competition? Identify it. Embrace it. Communicate it…consistently.

Talk less. When communicating what makes you special don’t overdo it. By embracing one main selling point that’s important to consumers, you give yourself a better chance of being heard and being trusted. If you ask people to try to remember multiple selling points than you show a disrespect for their time and a disconnect from the realities of message clutter.

Be personable. Clean and professional is boring. People remember what they feel. Give your audience a reason to feel emotionally connected to your message by wrapping it in entertainment value. Reward people for their time with you. 

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