Mixing Mobile Into Your Marketing

I was reading an article from Business Insider about the state of social media and mobile marketing in 2013. When you start thinking about all the different avenues for getting your message to your customer it can be overwhelming. But this article really breaks down the use of mobile and social media that is on the rise. Mobile marketing is coming on strong, in the last two years the use of mobile website traffic has increased by almost 70% in the United States alone. Are you prepared? 

A good starting point is working on your mobile platform. Figuring out how to mix in mobile marketing into the overall marketing plan. This can be as simple as a really good mobile website or as complex as a full blown media plan that is targeting those specific users. A really good mobile strategy makes all the difference for your customer. We were in a meeting the other day discussing the design of a traditional desktop website and it was suggested that we start with what the mobile website will look like and work backwards – a completely new concept in our world. 

I think however you slice it the landscape is changing for marketers and consumers. And it is important to have a trusted partner to discuss these changes with. We would love to sit down and talk about ideas you have for your business. Tweet us with the #socialmediamix 

And just to give you something fun to soak up, check out this mobile marketing infographic below. 


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