My EXIT Is Just The Beginning

When I first moved to Arkansas I had no idea I would soon have a “family” here. After first meeting everyone at EXIT I felt comfortable and excited to take on whatever challenges lay ahead of me. Starting out as an intern I slowly began to learn the real life marketing and design industry. It opened my eyes to those “what they don’t teach you in school” aspects and I feel that during that time I was shaped and molded as to what an Art Director really does. I had a great team behind me that was willing to take time to teach, correct, and lead me to be a better designer. Later I was offered the job and of course accepted with excitement. Since then it has been a blast. I have continued to grow and learn each day working here from my other team mates, vendors and clients. They have all become like my family here in Arkansas and that is very comforting when you are far away from your actual family and friends. When I was in school I had always imagined myself working for a small firm because I knew it would be a close knit group of people. That opportunity was given to me here at EXIT and I couldn’t be any luckier to call them family. They will never understand how much they mean to me and how much my time at EXIT has impacted me, but just know that I am leaving EXIT with great experience and memories.

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