Newsweek Goes Digital

Newsweek magazine is closing the proverbial page on December 31 of this year. They have announced that beginning 2013 they will only offer digital subscriptions to their magazine. They have stated that economically the 70 year old magazine can not survive if they continue to offer a printed version of the mag. We have all seen the shift away from tangible paper books and magazines to digital readers and tablets. I understand the 21st century realities in which we live, but eliminating print altogether sounds a bit dangerous to me. This is going to mark the beginning of the end of rediscovering old magazines, ads and newspapers in your grandma’s attic or at your favorite flea market. Gone will be the days of going to the library to look at an old magazine to get inspiration for a cool ad or cover design. Gone will be the feel and smell of the paper and inks within the little time capsule. Gone will be the Barnes & Nobles coffee breaks sitting for hours thumbing through magazines and brainstorming. While the internet is buzzing about how Newsweek is keeping up with the times, this is a sad announcement for me. I want my paper and my experience – I’m certain I’m not alone.

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