Not Missing Elderly Man Found Again

Chances are you have seen this man before. Many times most likely. You may remember him as a trusted local doctor, a master chef, a sailing enthusiast, a new home owner, dog lover, farmer, investment banker, or just an everyday guy with a very bad case of hemorrhoids. But it’s all a lie. At least 99% of it, he may actually have hemorrhoids. The truth is this man is the most overused elderly stock talent in the United States (and we hear he’s big in Bulgaria too, but we have no real proof of this). While he mocks our industry with his image overuse we send him a big royalty check every month. Clients and creatives it’s time to stand up against this evil genius of mainstream mediocrity. Embrace originality by saying No! to putting this guy in your hospital or tourism or banking or retirement living or gas pain ads.

If you see this evil genius in an ad send it to us at The one we vote best (actually worst) use of image will receive a gift card to one of our favorite EXIT eateries.

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