Open Happiness

Coca-Cola is launching a social media push called Expedition 206. They are sending three bloggers to 206 countries in one year on a mission to uncover what makes people happy. Expedition 206 is a part of Coca-Cola’s Open Happiness campaign, launched at the beginning of this year. Voting started Wednesday on the Expedition 206 website to determine who the three bloggers will be. In January, the winning team will take off on their mission, starting in Madrid, blogging, tweeting, posting videos and pictures and conducting interviews as they travel the globe. Not only can consumers vote to choose the three bloggers, they will also be able to give suggestions on things for them to do and sometimes vote on where they will go. What a fascinating project from Coca-Cola: three people on a year-long social experiment to find out what makes people happy. I’m guessing  they’re hoping their bubbly beverage has a role in that. Think of the information that Coca-Cola will collect about their consumers all around the globe. Check out the website and follow them on Twitter to hear about it all.

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