Presenting A New Work Week.

I’m not sure when or who determined the number of days in a week and how many of those would be customary for working. But, for as long as I have been in the corporate world, my work week has been clearly defined as Monday through Friday. This is not a huge issue for me, especially considering I’m now in a business I really enjoy; however, as a right brainer, it does bug me that something this huge–my livelihood’s schedule–was decided without my consideration. My rebellious attitude aside, I think the five-day work week has some strategic flaws. First, I’m not sure the initial goal of working longer to be more productive is being achieved. Lack of productivity and enthusiasm continues to be common in our country’s workforce. Second, our world is more complex than ever before. All our advancements simply raise expectations for us to be able to do more and, of course, in less time. More than before, I believe people need down time to reduce the stress and regain balance in life. Two days just doesn’t seem like enough. With that said, I’m challenging the five-day work week idea. I’m confident we can come up with something better.

Here’s my pitch: I suggest that companies can be more profitable and productive by working employees less. Stay open as many days as you want but make sure no employee works more than 4 days a week. Everyone gets 3 days off each week. It’s sounds a bit crazy, but I think the potential benefits make good business sense. What would it do for employee morale, loyalty and focus? What would it do for your recruitment efforts? How much would it reduce turnover? What would it do for your bottom line? My prediction is it would create positive results in all these areas. I propose that the adoption of the four-day work week would help create a stronger workforce and corporate environment. One that more efficiently and effectively brings its clients a superior product. Let the campaigning begin: Will Work for 4! Order your t-shirt today.

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  1. Shawn

    We are on the same page Aaron. I’m in Little Rock and you’re in South Korea and we share in our belief of more time for “living”. World peace is possible!

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