Resolutions For Better Results In 2013

For me, an important rule for being successful requires never being completely satisfied. So, every year at this time, I do a thorough review of our company’s past year’s achievements. Beyond the Profit Loss Statement, I look at areas like client retention, employee happiness and professional advancement of our entire team. Overall, are we a better company than we were at the start of the year? Though it’s important to understand that outside factors impact success, I think it’s a critical mistake to lean too heavy on this excuse. Doing this gives you a pass on putting needed attention towards inward evaluations. The truth is every successful company and strong brand is continuously working on improving itself. Just as people grow through experience and education, brands are also expected to evolve for the better. Maintaining a strong relationship with your customers depends on it.

To help initiate ideas for your company’s resolution list, I’d like to share our top 3 for EXIT Marketing:

  1. Keep Learning- An essential ingredient for guiding brand development is knowledge. We will continue to put emphasis into participating in outside educational opportunities and subscribing to key industry publications. The more we learn as a team the more ammunition we can offer our clients.
  2. Stay Focused- Why is what we do important? Each year, many companies spend significant advertising dollars and still do not differentiate themselves from their competition. Our brand development and marketing services help companies escape the clutter and build strong brands that stand out. We help create long-term ROI and loyal customers for our clients. That’s our purpose and our strength. And that is where we must focus our service and improvement efforts. That’s how our brand will grow stronger.
  3. Have Fun- In business, the client-agency partnerships that achieve the exceptional results share a common feature— a passion for their professions. We will continue to do more to provide an inspiring environment and creative-driven culture for our employees. We will seek out partnerships with clients that show a true excitement for their business. And when recruiting new staff members, we will look for people with great talent and a tremendous enthusiasm for our industry.
Here’s to a 2013 full of continued improvement, success and fun!

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