Respect The Waffle

There’s comfort in knowing that your experience with a brand is consistently true to the brand personality. I think most of us in marketing would agree that Starbucks gets an A+ for its ability to deliver a similar in-store experience whether ordering your soy latte in Little Rock or West Hollywood. This brand trust fuels consumer confidence and loyalty. And, for all you business majors, it leads to greater sales. I say all this to preface the praise I intend to give to a company that may not be considered an all-star in the world of marketing but is no doubt a very strong, established brand.

I suggest that the universal consistency in the customer experience delivered at Waffle House has played a significant role in its long-term success. Across the country, when you walk into one of these restaurants, you’re served a plate full of familiarity. From the decor, to the smell, to the type of personalities working there — it’s consistent. You get what you expect when you interact with this brand. Doing this is not easy. But Waffle House does it and it does it in a way that seems like it’s not really trying. I like that. And I respect it because I know, through experience, that many companies do not do it well. Waffle House is a company that fully understands who it is. The repeated customer experience it delivers is a direct result of Waffle House being true to its brand essence.

For consistently delivering an experience that reflects the brand, I think Waffle House also gets an A+. In fact, because its coffee is $3 cheaper, I give the company a slight edge over Starbucks.

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