Ruthless Creativity

I had the pleasure to hear Scott McAfee, Senior Vice President and Managing Parter with Austin ad agency SandersWingo, at this months AAF-Little Rock luncheon. Scott talked about the work they do at his agency and about how to be a ruthless creative, no matter what your roll is in your company. His five principles for being a ruthless creative are below and I find that they ring true to our culture at EXIT and how we approach projects with clients. A great point he made was to always trust in your creative talent and not to settle. We pride ourselves on being the type of agency that always keeps the clients’ best interest and goals in line with anything that we do, and this includes saying no to certain things in order to provide the best product. We truly want to always do what is best for our clients, because at the end of the day that provides them, and us, great results. We would love to talk with you about our philosophy and culture at EXIT.


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