Seven Letters for Marketing Success

Many times in life, following the simplest rules result in the greatest success. A good example of this in sales and marketing is the classic DWYSYWD acronym. This well known mantra encourages us to be 100% honest in fulfilling the promises we make. “Do What You Say You Will Do” reminds us that it is far more important to walk the talk than simply talk the talk. Following this mantra in marketing means you are delivering a product experience that meets the expectations you are selling. This results in earned trust from customers and can lead to long-term brand loyalty. Not doing this will create an endless list of dissatisfied, one-time customers with an eagerness to voice their complaints about your company.

I recently had a negative product experience while shopping for a new car. During my morning commute each day, my radio is bombarded by the promise of unbeatable deals and unmatched customer service by a local dealership. Loud and proud, leadership from this dealership makes promise after promise that they will deliver a car buying experience that is not like any other. I decided to take their word for it and visit them on a Friday afternoon. After being shown around the lot in a golf cart, we found a vehicle that I was ready to negotiate a price on. So far so good. But after that, the experience quickly turned into your typical “hard sell” car salesman encounter. Two guys worked me on pricing— going low on my trade in and staying firm on the sticker price on the car I had my eye on. Then when I stood my ground, they begin to play the “we’re on your side” role and walked back and forth to the managers’ area to negotiate on my behalf. For close to two hours, they crunched the numbers in an attempt to give me the best deal. Instead of actually lowering the price on the vehicle- their “better deal” they repeatedly presented was just a rearranging of the numbers so that it looked better on paper. A lower monthly payment came with an extended payout. This was nothing like the warm promises I heard every morning on the radio. Where was my free big screen TV? My vacation package? Where was the thousands of dollars off my sticker price? Where was the guy that seemed so genuine and confident in his daily ad-libs? Yeah, where was he? I did finally locate him. He sat in the managers office the entire time; never getting up to discuss my deal, bring me a soda or even say hello. Talk about not meeting expectations. This experience was a total disaster. In fact, because of it, I will never set foot on this car lot again. And if anyone ask my opinion about the company, I will aggressively offer it.

Want to sell for the longterm? Want satisfied, happy customers? It’s not that complicated. Simply DWYSYWD.

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