Share The Care

We have been working with a client on some lumpy mail direct marketing pieces. If you haven’t heard of this term, it is not your traditional direct mail. Lumpy in this case refers to the 3-dimensional, oversized nature of the direct mail. These pieces usually include give-away items that are relevant to the client’s messaging and/or promotion. Since we have been working on a few of these concepts lately I quickly took notice of the lumpy mail campaign that Kleenex has been promoting the last few weeks. In the past, Kleenex has done a Share A Pack campaign which I am assuming must have been successful for them, since they are now sharing more than just a pack of Kleenex. This year’s Softness Worth Sharing campaign includes a lip balm, hand sanitizer, coupons, two kinds of Kleenex tissue and a card to download four songs from Universal Music artists. It all sounds like a pretty nice way to get over a cold if you ask me!

These days, with the growing social media opportunities, people are really quick to say print is dead or direct mail is too expensive. I think one of the great things that Kleenex has done, that we can all learn from, is how to combine multiple platforms to create a great campaign. This campaign is centered around a direct mail, but it is also being promoted in TV spots and print ads and has a great online presence. A great idea can succeed in all mediums. The more the better for your campaigns reach and impact!

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