Shout Out To The Vespa

If you know our fearless leader, Shawn, you know that he is slightly obsessed with the Vespa. Nothing would make him happier than if our whole staff drove EXIT Vespas. So when I saw an article on about Vespa, I had to read it. The article and video were about Vespa’s record-breaking sales in 2008 –more scooters than any previous year. However, 2009 isn’t looking so good. The first two quarters have seen a major sales slump.

As a marketer, I was curious to see what advertising tactics the company has adopted in attempt to scoot sales up. Recently, it hosted an event in Central Park, inviting media to come ride Vespas on an obstacle course. The company has also revamped its website; focusing more strictly on the value and fun that comes with the experience of owning a Vespa.

The third quarter numbers haven’t come out yet, but I will be curious to see if the consumer has found value in Vespa’s most current attempt to better embrace the brand essence that makes it different.

Check out the Vespa website. I think it is a great reflection of their company. Also the Vespanomics are pretty cool.

EXIT's new vespa?

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