Kill Clutter With Creativity

How do you stand out in today’s growing message clutter? Being creative is a good start. In fact, creativity is required but it can’t do it on its own. The formula for escaping clutter is a well balanced use of memorable, meaningful messaging with a fearless dose of entertaining creative execution.

This week, I found a perfect example of this in an article in AdWeek. If you’re not into winning awards, that’s understandable. But if your company wants to win space in consumers’ minds, you have to embrace creativity. You should demand it from your agency. This project is an example of an agency rejecting the urge to find a safe solution and instead delivering a product that blew the doors off the clients’ expectations. I’m certain industry awards will follow, but in the meantime this campaign is creating results that far surpass the original investment. Being able to do this for clients is what makes our business so unique and rewarding.

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