Small is Big.

We are a small agency. And I proudly put emphasis on the word “small”. Because for us small is synonymous with creative chemistry, honest dialogue, shared vision and true teamwork. At EXIT Marketing, we are family. Sounds a bit cliché, I know, but I’m talking about a closeness that compares well to all the loyalty and lunacy of blood relatives. We play. We work. We fight. We laugh. We care about each other as much as we care about the product we create. I like this environment. It’s encouraging and inspiring. Everyone plays an important role. And it delivers a level of energy and passion for advertising that our clients truly appreciate. Here, our departments are not divided by floors or our leadership separated by closed-door corner offices (I can hear Van Morrison coming from our president’s computer as I am writing this). Here, there’s a connection that allows us to deliver a very unique and extremely valuable services to clients…team commitment and communication. Through this we continue to help our clients capture big results. And for us that’s when the word “big” means the most.


  1. Jakob

    This is a good way to redefine what a small ad agency can be. Fewer people doesn’t always mean fewer good ideas or limited capabilities, and EXIT is a shining example of that.

  2. Amber Estrada

    We love all that you guys have done for us and all that you are currently doing for us! Our new site is coming along beautifully (thank you!) and we can’t wait to get it launched in the coming months.

    Katie… keep rawkin that hat! Too cute!

    Amber Estrada
    Arkansas Hospital Association

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