Teaser Campaigns

The goal of a teaser campaign is to build purchasing momentum for a product, and through social media these campaigns can really create excitement for millions of potential buyers before the product is even available. The latest teaser to catch my attention is the new Nissan teaser about the 5 new models they will be releasing over the next 15 months. The majority of the commercial contains shots of a lone car driving down the freeway and in the suburbs with a sheet over it and music in the background. After one bystander tries to take a peak under the sheet, the car drives away and joins 4 other cloaked vehicles. At the end of this spot you receive the message to be on the look out for the upcoming reveals and an unveiling of one car. It provides only a glimpse the new 2013 Altima – and drove me to the website to see what it really looks like.

What I love most about this campaign, and teasers overall, is the intrigue it creates for the viewer. The EXIT team is pretty excited about a teaser we will be launching soon – be on the lookout!

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