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The EXIT team attended the monthly AAF-Little Rock luncheon today to hear a great speaker, Caitlin Kaluza from Schipul in Houston. Caitlin is the search engine marketing manager for the Houston web marketing company. She shared some fantastic tips and tricks for making your website work harder for you through search engine optimization (SEO). Two of my favorite things Caitlin showed us were easy-to-use keyword tools – Google Keyword Tool and the SEM Tool from Schipul. I tested both out this morning for EXIT and gathered some great information that gave us a better idea of how we stack up online vs what we assumed.

SEM Tool from Schipul
This great resource allows you to check the keyword density on your website. Go through the four steps of entering in your website and answering a few questions, then let it do its magic. It runs a report on all text on your website and tells you the most used words and phrases throughout your site. I was surprised to see our results – exit was the most used single word (not too surprised), red paper was the most used two word phrase (surprised by that) and escape marketplace clutter was the most used three word phrase (a good surprise on this one)! I encourage you all to test this out. See if the text you have on your site is really the message you want google to be picking up as it searches your site.

Google Keyword Tool
When you visit this page you enter a word or phrase that you would like to search for. For instance I put in marketing company. Google runs a report that provides a ranking of importance and searches for this phrase and then shows you similar phrases and how often they are searched. This is a great tool to find out what people are searching for and you can tap into those searches through using keywords on your website. For our business, it is insightful to see the difference between the number of people searching for “little rock marketing company” and “little rock ad agency”. This is a must check out when you are putting together SEO strategy and writing keywords for your website.

Need more SEO help? The EXIT team would love to sit down and discuss these and other tools that can help bring you more targeted traffic on the web.

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