The Game Of LIFE

Toyota has been marketing the Prius c to young artistic, creative, city-dwelling professionals in a very hipster – um, I mean fun way. Ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi LA presents a YouTube campaign to “guide” young car buyers, through the game of life. The TV spot resembles an SNL sketch about the board game LIFE. The emphasis is on the the fuel efficiency of the Prius c that will ultimately take the lives of this demographic to the next level. The LIFE-themed YouTube channel has spots that highlight its features via middle aged celebs giving advice to us young kiddos. By celebs I mean, Bill Nye the Science Guy and the actress who played Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years. Basically, they took the nostalgia for 20-30 somethings – the board game and TV shows – mashed them together to appeal to people like me. I’ll admit I was very attracted to the spot and thought it was hip. Yet, the country/mother side of me started thinking how would I get a car seat, a couple of screaming kids, and a goat in there? Solely from watching the YouTube campaign, if I were in the car market, sans a couple of kids and farm animals, I’d totally give this car a shot.

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