Shazamed By Home Depot

Boyfriend and I have been in the midst of a major backyard renovation – and we have been DIY-ing the whole thing. With all of that in mind it is no wonder that Home Depot has been top of mind in our household lately (I promise in my entire life I have never been to Home Depot as much as I have in the last six weeks)! One commercial in particular has caught my attention in the last month. It has a nice narrative and it has such vibrant spring colors – all great for the consumer. But the marketer in me was pretty excited when I noticed they had a Shazam icon pop up for about the first 20 seconds of the spot. I grabbed our DVR remote, rewound, and pulled out my trusty iPhone all to discover that it took me to this awesome video demonstration of making a vertical garden. I love the idea an app that people are comfortable with and using it in a totally new way. It’s like a QR codes for TV, and even radio – direct people to something educational, interesting or just plain fun. And now that I know how to build this very cool vertical garden I think I will be making another trip to my new home away from home over the weekend and will make one for us!

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