The Taco Bell Diet

Sounds fake right? The home of the “fourth meal” is now touting their low calorie menu. I saw the commercial over the weekend and thought it was a joke. It looks like a total rip-off of the Subway Jared commercials. What really confused me is the branding. Taco Bell has spent years branding themselves as the late night option, the fourth meal, the triple stuffed deep-fried taco option. I’m amused that this ad is running right after their last ads about the one pound burrito. Now, I will pause here to say that I do like Taco Bell. I have eaten off the Fresco menu. It is good and definitely low in calories for fast food. However, advertising goes back to branding and this new campaign is just plain confusing. It doesn’t follow the Taco Bell look and doesn’t fit in with their target market. They even have a website devoted to the “Drive Thru Diet”. You can link to Facebook and Twitter, take a Frescolution, send e-cards and read their spokesperson’s story. I guess we can watch and see how the Drive Thru Diet campaign does. I’m sure we won’t be the last people to talk about it and I can’t help thinking that a real diet would at least encourage you to park and get some exercise by walking into the restaurant.

For more, check out the article Ad Age wrote about the spot this week.

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