Think Outside The Bag

I recently came across some really neat shopping bags that caught my attention. These bags can fall into the category of “bagvertising” which I think is a perfect name for them. They are eye catching and interesting and even though they may not shout a logo they got me to pay attention thus leading me to noticing the logo or brand. This is a very effective type of advertising that goes beyond just a print ad or billboard. It is a walking representation for that client that reaches the many who can’t seem to look away. Recently here at EXIT we have just completed a super creative project using a bag with very colorful and eye catching art work. Keep an eye out for our most recent work to learn more about that project and enjoy the fun bags below!




  1. Malina Vibhakar

    Love these bags! Cute idea, Amber.

  2. Elizabeth

    These are great! Very cre8tive thinking.

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