Tough Times Are Necessary.

The current economy has brought a lot of hardships to the advertising industry, challenging us like never before. We’ve had our toys taken away. Our budgets have been slashed. We’ve lost clients. Seen good friends let go. We’ve been asked to work longer…for less money. But despite all of these negatives, I believe our industry will emerge much stronger, in the long run, because of what it’s going through. The power of advertising is not in the exterior polish that seems to get more publicity than it deserves. Rather, it’s in ideas, which have and always will be our greatest contribution to clients. We are an industry that harnesses the power of creativity to bring companies original solutions that achieve serious marketing results. These ideas would never be born or implemented without us. That’s what makes us unique. That’s what makes us invaluable. And what’s really cool about our core product — idea generation — is it doesn’t require extreme overhead. In fact, the necessities for outstanding ideas can be as minimal as a bean bag, legal pad, pencil and a diverse iTunes library. The fact that we have been knocked out of our financial comfort zone may be exactly what our industry needed to refocus our priorities and do even more to enhance our ability to create and deliver what means the most to the business world — great ideas.

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  1. Tino

    So…you’re saying it’s a kind you-don’t-need-liquor-to-have-a good-time type of thing?

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