True Brand, True Self

Your true brand runs deep.  Like your True Self, it’s not just what you do – but the unseeable, unchangeable core of who you are.


Deeper than the noise – your brand has an unchanging point – a unique identity.  Knowing your true brand isn’t easy.  It requires cutting through the noise, slowing down to listen, and letting the things you do intuitively rise to the surface and become strengths (or things to improve on).  Fighting through fear is the way to grab ahold of your true brand.


Fear is what keeps us from being our true selves, and our true brands.  To be a brave brand, to step up, open up and let it out – requires a great deal of courage.  You can flip the script on fear to get in touch with this true self.  Instead of seeing fear as an obstacle or a warning, try seeing it as an indicator.  Are you afraid that new look is “too much”? Go farther rather than retreat. Do you avoid expressing your opinion?  Express it loudly, because the world needs your unique expression. These small movements of fear are actually indicators that you’re getting closer to the real thing.  Keep fighting the fear, and let it show you the Truth that’s deeper still.

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